Honey Rosemary Vinaigrette


Sweet honey and fragrant rosemary have been blended together to create a vinaigrette to enhance the flavours of red meat. 

To make a quick supper, simply sear the meat, bring it back to room temperature, slice thinly and pour over some of the vinaigrette. It is perfect served with some peppery rocket. Alternatively, pan-fry boned chicken, glaze with the Honey and Rosemary vinaigrette, and dress with fresh sage and lemon juice.

Inspired by the Japanese philosophy of using natural seasonal flavours, and influenced by classic French technique, Tetsuya created this unique vinaigrette.

Honey and rosemary blend together to form a vinaigrette perfectly suited to beef and venison. Combining the fragrant rosemary with the sweet honey creates a subtle flavour which balances well with red meat.

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